Seattle Deposition Reporters LLC

We didn’t set out to be the biggest.
We set out to be the best.
             And ended up being both.

Founded in 1985, Seattle Deposition Reporters is the largest court reporting agency in the Northwest.  You’ll want to know how we got to be that way.

Resources are important. Ours include over 26 reporters, 8 specialists in real-time hookup and five full-time staff associates. We also offer full-service, in-house print and electronic duplication, advanced HD videoconferencing and state of the art electronic reporting systems and software.

But we pride ourselves on also being resourceful in anticipating what you’ll need and when you’ll need it to make your deposition a success.

So here’s our commitment to you:

We will bring all of our considerable capabilities to bear, and do everything we can to ensure that your deposition proceeds smoothly and concludes successfully.

Need another copy of the transcript? It is at your fingertips.

Require confirmation of reading and signing? You will have the information promptly.

Videoconferencing? Our bench strength in people, technology and expertise allows us to meet your most demanding requirement quickly.

When you arrive for a deposition in one of our complimentary conference rooms, you’re surrounded by a network of professionals ready to take on your faxing, copying, internet access, and other clerical needs, freeing you to do what you do best: depose the witness.

After the deposition, we maintain electronic copies of your transcripts in our secure, online repository, as well as proof of delivery, filing and signature status.

“When I need a no-nonsense top-quality court reporter who can deal with difficult subject matter, I call Seattle Deposition Reporters…they deliver more accurate, timely transcripts than any other firm I’ve dealt with.”

Jan Young, Legal Assistant, Dorsey Whitney