Seattle Deposition Reporters LLC
If every deposition is different,
how do we anticipate your needs?
             By being ready for anything.

Every deposition has its own set of vital requirements, from basic services to advanced technical capabilities. We offer a broad range of professional services to cover every contingency. Each of these services is delivered by experienced professionals who know how to use the tools and technology to support the successful outcome of your deposition.

Seattle Deposition Reporters, Seattle WA Here’s the short list of services you may need:

Basic Business Services
Everything you’d expect at your deposition…and more

Office Production Services
Think of us as your print production shop, audio/visual and WiFi center

Office Technical Services
Everything “E”, from E-transcripts to repositories to multi point-to-point video

Reporters Technical Services
The latest reporting tools and web services—we’re light years ahead of the rest.

Office Online Services
Access your files via our secure web connection


Depositions, arbitrations, hearings, pro tem

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

Complimentary conference rooms

Realtime – LiveNote, Summation, Caseview

LiveNote Certified Legal Services Provider

E-Transcript, E-Publisher, E-Binder

Scanned exhibits

Digital video and synchronization




Document management and repositories

Case management

Transcription of tapes, CDs, and videos

Secure online access to your transcript archives, 24/7

National referrals

Don't see it here? Just ask...