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Office Technical Services

Office Online Services
RB Web online offers you secure, instant access to always-current information and files. Access your information via BlackBerry or other web-enabled wireless devices. Get instant information online, including:
  • email support  for transcripts, minuscripts, ASCII text
  • secured transcript & exhibit repository
  • secured invoice review
  • secured calendar and scheduling for depositions
  • 24/7 access uptime (excluding routine maintenance updates for security and stability)
  • Multiple levels of access privileges to case files and depositions
Rely on our onsite RB Web Introduction, Training & user manuals to help you use this productivity-enhancing online tool most effectively.

Office Technical Services
  • E-Transcripts: We use RealLegal E-Transcript Manager software to provide you with high-performance, standardized, secure and signed electronic transcripts. The output file, an E-Transcript (.ptx or.exe), is provided as a valuable alternative to ASCII transcripts.
  • E-Publisher: We use RealLegal Publisher software to bundle multiple transcripts, scanned documents and synced video footage into one cohesive presentation. Typically provided on compact disc with OCR documents and links between transcript text and exhibits.
  • E-Binder: We use RealLegal iBinder™ to provide you with convenient and secure multiple-party access to electronic transcripts, digital exhibit files, and RealLegal Binder projects via the Web.
  • Minuscripts: Minuscript is a technology that provides condensed transcripts (four deposition pages per printed page) with comprehensive indexing. It’s a smarter way to manage and quickly utilize the flood of words on paper that the typical deposition represents.
  • Digital Video Synchronization & Duplication
  • Point to Point Videoconferencing room
  • Projection unit available for depositions
  • Secure interoffice Wi-Fi available 

Reporters Technical Services
  • CART: Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the instant translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software. The text appears on a computer monitor or on a limited number of other devices depending upon your needs.
  • Realtime: Realtime transcription refers to the use of Computer Aided Transcription (“CAT’) technology to deliver computer text screens within a few seconds of the words being spoken. The software we use allows us to make notes in the text and highlight portions for future reference. Upon request, an attorney may choose to order a rough draft disk directly after the deposition, or  a final copy after the reporter has finished editing.
  • LiveNote: LiveNote® software gives you realtime access to testimony, to achieve an edge over the deponent or opposing counsel. You – and any on-site or off-site team member –receive live transcript text directly from our court reporter’s system. Use it as a tool to identify and exploit errors in testimony, watching live text as it scrolls across your screen.
  • Summation: CT Summation software allows you to load and manage thousands of depositions and exhibits and recall them at a moment’s notice. This kind of global review is extremely helpful when taking multiple depositions, and even more valuable at trial.
  • Caseview: this Computer Aided Transcription ("CAT") software from Stenograph provides access to current testimony being captured by your reporter, allows you mark testimony for future reference, search testimony, and synchronize the final certified transcript with notes, issues and marks.

RB Web offers anytime access to your secure files. Contact us to help you get started with this advanced, productivity-enhancing tool.